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The Big Move

Finding the Chaos Within

A darkly amusing adventure

In January of 2014 the author (Michael Jaquish) decided to relocate from Gig Harbor on the coast in Washington State across the state to Spokane, which sits on the border next to Idaho, with the help of his two brothers. This book is an amusing glimpse into the series of amusing misadventures that enveloped them as they struggled to complete a mission that perhaps should have gone a lot smoother than it did.

ISBN 13: 978-1981982059

114 Pages






img-13 Beyond Courage


-Tales of a Country Cop in Africa-
“A fascinating peek inside the mind of one seeking to rescue the world from its own insanity.”

Following a career in domestic law enforcement, the author traveled to Liberia in West Africa to run US Embassy diplomatic security operations. Before he could get his bearings he found himself engulfed in bloody civil war that exposed him to horrors that would stretch the boundaries of believability to the limits. His struggles to adapt and survive the revolution in Liberia and the two that awaited him in Gambia and Sierra Leone altered the way he viewed the world forever. He shares that evolution of perspective in this memoire with incredible imagery and thought-provoking detail and analysis.

Leaving the Aircraft Carrier for Freetown

ISBN 1453635750

475 Pages



Kindle: $6.99






In Beyond Courage, Michael offers a question.

He takes us on a journey that is both extraordinary and accessible. As a country cop in Eastern Washington, he walked a line between community and chaos, showing compassion for the wounded, whether victim or fool. And as he confronted personal crises, his path was assisted by a most unlikely bread delivery man.

How does a country cop wind up in Africa, leader of a security network for the US embassy and for NASA? Beyond courage: how does he pass through the bloody Liberian convulsion?

Follow Michael to The Gambia, to Sierra Leone, to Morocco. Meet spies, swindlers, and lepers. Race down deserted urban streets as rebel soldiers seize control.

Michael shares a life lived beyond courage.

-David Caccia
5.0 out of 5 stars

Outstanding work, September 1, 2009

By Sam Harding-Omak, WA

This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

Michael Jaquish has told exactly what it’s like to be a country cop in a rural town, and what it’s like to be a mercenary in Africa. He goes into great detail on the emotional and physical experiences he has endured, and has made it into a great story you wont want to put down. This is not some fictional thing you would read in a Tom Clancy book, this is REAL, and Michael’s gift for writing makes it a down right great book. Not only do you get a look into what it’s like to be a cop/mercenary, but you also get a history lesson as well on the culture and ways of the African people. It’s a book that will have your complete attention from start to finish.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Personal Adventure, October 24, 2007

By Greg W. Shaw “Wildman”
This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

There are many types of heroes and persons who have the courage to live while all the odds are against him or her. This story will place you into a world and a time where ethical behavior was unheard of, these unsung heroes made the difference that made Africa what it is today. Touching moments and ugly scenes of violence bring out the story into the light of what once was, and continue to terrorize as nobody bothers to listen to the voices crying out for savior. I personally loved the way the author has demonstrated heartbreak and reality of being a country cop in Africa. Decisions made in the best interests of the whole leave out many that are considered expendable. There is no way for one man to save the world but this country cop tried his best to make the world he lived in, a better place to be. Deep thought was put into this story making it a touching and sincere read. We recommend that you buy this book if you love a great story about the way it is in many parts of Africa and the courage it takes to survive there. Michael Jaquish will make you sad enough to cry and fills you with a sense of adventure that wants to live forever. Outstanding book with stories creating a plot filled with love and chilling adventure. The book covers paint a story of tranquility but after reading the book we find everything quite adventurous and indulging. Brfe LLC Inc. Publishing co. recommends that you buy this book to experience a sense of what it is like in Africa. Filled with such great love and beauty, only Michael Jaquish can truly illustrate his experiences and convey a feeling that you were there in Africa with Michael Jaquish.

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Hero’s Journey, April 28, 2003

By “muriel20004” (Seattle, Washington)

This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

In Tales of a Country Cop In Africa, Michael Jaquish gives the reader an intimate experience of a “man’s world”, including the searing soul sacrifices of a man who holds his personal Code of Honor as his guiding principle. This book is more than a compilation of stories of a man of adventure. It is the story of a man’s courage to face life’s most difficult decisions on his terms. I am far from politically conservative. Neither am I a huge fan of the military, nor a fan of the use of violence as vehicle for entertainment, but Jaquish’s articulation of his remarkable journey, his choices, his heartbreaks, his losses and his victories have allowed me, the reader and a woman, into the rarified world of a Hero’s Code of Ethics. I feel privileged to have witnessed this Hero’s Journey and I would recommend this read to anyone who wants to touch into the intimate world of the psyche of a man faced with the unimaginable: from the separation from his beloved young daughters, to the forced abandonment of his imperiled lover, to civil war carnage that he was forced to witness and helpless to prevent, the author’s strength, his sacrifices, and his vulnerabilities are unforgettable.

4.0 out of 5 stars

Wonderfully written, March 6, 2003

By Steven Stewart (Bremerton, WA)

This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

Mike does a wonderful job of conveying to the reader some of the realities that law enforcement officer’s and professional security personnel can experience on a daily basis. His stories actually draw you into his realm as if you were right there with him, seeing what he see’s, feeling what he feels. If you have never been involved in the law enforcement/security community, this will give you a well written taste of what it is like and help you experience the dramas that unfold each day, both physically and psychologically. His ability to divulge his own feelings shows that cops are in fact people too. His tales of Africa are humorous, gripping and spellbinding. I was able to visualize his environment and it made me wish I had I had taken up his offer to go to Africa a few years ago just to experience the way of life.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Truth, Justice and the American Way, October 29, 2001

By D. Donovan (Nevada)
This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

Tales of a Country Cop in Africa [BEYOND COURAGE] is a fascinating peek inside the mind of one seeking to rescue the world from its own insanity. He is one of those inexplicable men involved in the battle for justice on the front lines. He is with all his being endeavoring to keep the world safe for ordinary lives. Anyone involved with Critical Incident Debriefing would benefit from reading first hand about the onslaught of horrific activities encountered in Jaquish’s spellbinding account of his adventures. One can only think about Superman in his quest for Truth, Justice and the American Way as you become one with the life of this man. At the same time, one feels empathy for the personal loss of intimacy that his chosen profession creates along the way. As he becomes more and more desensitized to the worst in human nature, he loses his own ability to feel compatible with simple human bonding. As a therapist, I appreciate both the humanness and the hero in this story. I would recommend this book if only to read the last page which leaves you with a feeling of pride and hope in all that is defined by the hero. Michael Jaquish, in your quest for justice, in your quest for adventure, and in your quest for an end to your emptiness, you have given us your soul.

B. Diane Donovan-Vaughn, LMFT, LADC Las Vegas, NV

5.0 out of 5 stars

Country cop lands in Africa security business, October 19, 2001

By Al Camp, News Editor, The Chronicle in Omak (Okanogan, WA USA)

This review is for: BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop in Africa (Paperback)

Part of the appeal of the book is that it starts off as a country cop in America (Okanogan County in eastern Washington State), who goes into Africa and gets immersed in spies and international espionage. Along the way he encounters terrorists and rowdy Friday-night cowboys. You learn that small-town cops can do it all, and security guards at African embassies get a maid, a driver and, if they want them, diplomatic driver’s license plates. Since I live in Okanogan, and knew Mike (a loooong time ago), his tales from here sound very familiar and are very entertaining. But Africa, that is a completely foreign area, that Mike’s made accessible for us. There certainly are similarities between both professions. I’m glad he opted to keep both perspectives in one book.

img-14 Buddha & Badge

We are all on a journey of discovery but Michael takes his journey very seriously. His challenges are universal but his responses are unique and thought-provoking.”

Mike with Chamtrul & Lakshey 2014-08-19 15.30.57 - Version 3

THE BUDDHA AND THE BADGE is the prequel to BEYOND COURAGE- Tales of a Country Cop In Africa and it reveals what it is like to grow up as a contemplative, spiritually aware Buddhist in a culture dominated by Christianity. The story begins with the birth of the author, Michael Jaquish in 1948 and flows through his teen years as his family bounces from town to town and state to state. In 1968 Michael is called to military service at the height of the Viet Nam war and the event forces him to examine his commitment to the non-violent teachings of Jesus, Gandhi and The Buddha that he was raised to respect. That confrontation opens a door that ignites a sincere dedication to pacifism and compassion for all beings. However, his life takes an unexpected turn in 1975 when he finds himself suddenly propelled into a career as a police officer. Will his new job challenge his commitment to his spiritual path, or will it open opportunities for compassion and service?

ISBN 1453688441

337 Pages

Softcover: $17.95


Kindle Edition: $6.95


Hardcover: $24.95


TLH CS full cover 7-2016 PDF copy (1)


Book One of Time Hero Chronicles

This is book one of a fast-paced, two-volume series containing many twists and turns, written in the style of the early science fiction writers. The story begins with a young couple in North Bend, Washington abducted by aliens in a silver flying saucer on a rainy night in the forest. The plot takes an unexpected twist however, when the couple learns that the “aliens” are really human visitors from another time and they are astonished to learn that the abduction is actually a rescue mission. But before they can wrap their minds around the bizarre revelations, the couple finds themselves tumbling head first into a desperate struggle to survive and elude an ancient enemy that is battling to destroy their world.

The author spent many years working with NASA on Space Shuttle Abort Landing sites in Africa and frequently conversed with astronauts and other NASA officials about UFOs.

Zarnian Flying Saucer Variator (1)tambora-cover

NOTE: A sequel to Time Loves a Hero titled THE LEGACY has already been written and is in the final editing phase of publication.

This book caught the attention of a Hollywood writer who turned it into a screenplay in 1989 but for various reasons, it never quite made it into production. In 2015 the author (Michael Jaquish) signed a contract with Jeff Drew, Chief Creative Officer and screen writer/producer for Say Roar Films and Animation to produce a screen play for a movie or mini-series and a video game based on the book.

ISBN 1456352601

332 Pages

Paperback Edition: $16.95 plus tax & postage


Hardback Edition: $31.45 plus tax and postage


Kindle Edition: $2.99


THE LEGACY CS full cover 7-2016 PDF (1)


Book Two of Time Hero Chronicles

THE LEGACY’ is the second installment in the TIME HERO CHRONICLES that began with ‘TIME LOVES A HERO’. The story picks up with Ted, the brilliant young physicist son of Troy and Dorian learning of the abduction of his now dead parents by beings that use flying saucers to travel through the historical continuum. Before Ted has an opportunity to digest the revelations he and his buddy, Biff are sucked into a desperate quest across time and space to save civilization from a time paradox that could obliterate their world.

ISBN 13:9781508814207

368 Pages

Paperback Edition: $16.95 plus tax & postage


Hardback Edition: $31.45 plus tax and postage


Kindle Edition: $2.99


img-16 Spy Guy


An Instruction Manual For Young Spies


SPY GUY is an illustrated book for young people interested in the CIA, Spies, and the craft of intelligence based on some of the author’s experience directing intelligence and security operations with the US State Department overseas. The book contains a brief history of spying and the CIA and offers guidance on how a young person can practice being a spy until they are old enough to do the real thing. Along the way, the author provides general kid safety tips and urges readers to practice ethical behavior at all times.

ISBN: 978-1492841128

74 Pages

Paperback: $10.95

Kindle: $6.00


img-17 A Full Quiver


-Stories From The Edge-

The author has spent a lifetime living on the edge of chaos to experience all that the journey of life has to offer. His travels have carried him across the globe to places like Africa, Cuba, Ecuador and Thailand, often rubbing shoulders with some of the most unsavory individuals on the planet. In this book he draws upon some of those experiences to entertain you with tales that range from reality to fanciful penetrations of the surreal, spiritual, inspirational and bizarre. Some stories are real, some are imagined; will you be able to tell which is which?

ISBN 1453627280

444 Pages

$17.95 plus tax & postage


Kindle Edition: $6.99


img-18 Fatu & Lioness


A Traditional African Folk Tale

bsd_ushmm_emailgraphic_genocide_av2 copy copy copy

This is a traditional West African children’s story that has up to now, been passed down through the generations by village elders to children around campfires beneath the great African moon. Fatu is the wife of Momodou and she is without child and unhappy because her husband, a village fisherman, ignores her for his fishing duties. She seeks help from the local Marabout man (witch doctor) who lives in a great, hollow baobab tree in the jungle and is sent on a quest to obtain breast milk from a nursing lioness. Her search and what happens after contains a valuable life-lesson for young African children. This is a very special story that deserves to be shared with children everywhere.

Illustrated by the author.

ISBN 1453873694

46 Pages

Paperback Edition: $14.95 plus tax & postage


Kindle Edition: $6.99


img-19 Coloring Book


Doodles From A Sketchy Life

Papa Mike‘ (Michael Jaquish) is the author of over fifteen books and the father of three confused but beautiful daughters and nine high-energy grandchildren. He is also a passable artist and a journalist. Papa Mike spent many years roaming the jungles of Africa, Asia & South America in search of adventure and exotic creatures & sketching & writing about what he found. This book contains some of his sketches that are waiting for fortunate small people to bring to life with colors. The book also contains numerous blank pages titled with suggestions for the young artist to insert their own sketches.

Illustrated by the author.

$12.95 plus tax & postage

ISBN 1466489383 118 Pages


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