Here are a few links to sites that visitors to Country Cop Books may find of use.

Want to know if your house is surrounded by sex offenders? This is a very user-friendly site that will give you a heads-up so you will know if you need to grab your children and move or not.


Say Roar is a media and web-design company owned and operated by Jeff Drew in Spokane, WA. Jeff is extremely multi-talented and capable. His company has produced films and video games and movie scripts and is capable of generating a diverse assortment of media-related projects.

NOTE: Say Roar is currently (2015) working hard to script two science fiction books by Michael Jaquish; TIME LOVES A HERO and the sequel, THE LEGACY for a movie or mini-series and has obtained the rights to produce a video game based on the two books as well. 

Professional Security Training Network

Yes, there IS a company out there that produces high quality video traning packages for the security profession. It’s not cheap, but if you can afford to plunk down around $3,000, you can purchase a series of videos that will add to your training program. You will of course, still need to purchase THE ROLE OF THE SECURITY OFFICER from Mike, though. Videos are a good visual aid but only part of the total training process. If you want more information about the PSTN video package, contact them at the above link or phone them at 1-800-942-7786.

Hi-Tech Criminal Justice

Are you a current or retired law enforcement officer interested in writing about the field? This site is run ond Foster, a retired LAPD Lt. who is on a mission to provide opportunities for police writers to share their expertise with other officers and the security minded public. The site also offers thought provoking and educational newsletters and articles for the non-writing members of the law enforcement profession and a number of products that that community will find useful. Contact Raymond at via his email at for more information.

BUY PEPPER SPRAY TODAY is an excellent source for purchasing a variety of “Police Strength” personal defense pepper spray items. The world is a dangerous place and I highly recommend everyone be prepared to respond to threats by protecting themselves from harm. This website is an excellent source for purchasing a variety of “Police Strength” personal defense pepper spray items. 


A very professional Security Consulting Intelligence Agency providing strategic forecasting for business and government agencies.

Large companies that have been around a while often become complacent and cumbersome. Once in a while someone comes along with a vision to remake an industry. Todd Lambert has such a vision. He believes that he can compete with established armored transport companies by providing superior service and attention to detail. Mr. Lambert has many years of experience in the armored transport industry. He is highly motivated and very well equipped to compete with large armored transport companies in the Tacoma, WA area. If you are looking for a superior armored truck service with a genuine difference, give Stronghold Armored a try. You won’t be disappointed. (253) 671-9988

Central Intelligence Agency

Curious about the enigmatic three-letter agency? Get the real lowdown on the inner workings of the agency and keep up-to-date with what’s happening and what’s new at home and around the world. And who knows, maybe you will want to apply for the most interesting job you will ever have!

Inside the Shadow CIA

Who is Wackenhut? Before there was Blackwater there was another company that specialized in US Government security and intelligence contracts and no doubt it helped set the stage for Blackwater. For a peek inside shadow government operations take a look at this article.

US State Department

Need information on traveling or living abroad? Want to know more about international topics and issues? Want specifics about a particular country or region? Great current information you can use.


In need of specialized observation or monitering equipment for your security operation? THE FARM WAGON is a nation wide company that can fill your needs.

Panther Stun Guns

If you need a stun gun for your security operation why not get the best? Panther Stun Guns have been providing dependable, quality service for a long time now.

The Hawkins Group

Need a private investigator who is also an attorney? Michael Hawkins has extensive experience as a Private Investigator and trainer for all aspects of the security profession. He and Michael Jaquish partner up on projects from time to time and are here to serve all your investigation and training needs.

Personal Alarms

Let’s face it… life can be an alarming situation at times. Be prepared with a personal Alarm from Person Alarms when the time comes. Stun Guns, Tasers, Pepper Spray and more.

Excellence in Security Guard, Patrol and Corporate Security Services

It is all too often that Business Security is viewed based on the poor performers of the industry, who give a bad name to an otherwise committed industry with intentions of serving the well being and security of businesses as a whole. Arrow Security is one of very few security companies breaking the typical mold of casual security service. They are leading the charge to change the usual perceptions of Business Security, to prove that it is not just a commodity, but an honorable service that can very much attribute to the success of your business. They are stepping out as a different and unique Security Guard and patrol service firm that provides a worthwhile service to the community and to your business.


Tsinta Mani Choling is a Tibetan Buddhist  meditation and peace center that is under the direction of Lama Lakshey Zangpo Rinpoche. Rinpoche is a meditation master who received his training  transmissions from Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche,  one of the great Dzogchen masters of our time. Lama Lakshey teaches Tibetan Buddhism in the Nyingma tradition in Washington State and California. Tsinta Mani Choling maintains meditations centers in Spokane, WA and in the Sanfrancisco Bay area of California.

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