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What does it mean to be human? Is death the end of everything? WHO are we? Is there a ‘point‘ or purpose to the life journey? Why is there so much suffering and how can we alleviate it? What role does mythology, illusion, delusion and personal bias play in suffering? These are only a few of the questions many human beings ponder that Michael Jaquish takes on in the books you will find on this page.

Michael Jaquish was raised as a contemplative and has been a student of Eastern philosophy and Buddhist mindfulness and meditation for over fifty years. As a practitioner following the Mahayana path of the Bodhisattva he has accumulated skill and awareness and has dedicated his life to providing the tools  that people need to generate a more peaceful, meaningful life. His goal is to share that awareness with as many people as possible and he attempts to do this with these books.

Michael offers Dharma teachings free of charge in or with voluntary contributions to the Tsinta Mani Choling Tibetan Center in Spokane, WA, USA either in person or via email or phone at (509) 990-9212 to anyone searching for answers to the aforementioned questions. Michael can be reached for this purpose at

Many of your questions will be found within the pages of these books however, so you may want to read them before contacting Michael.

Much of the proceeds from the sale of these books are donated to various Buddhist organizations who work actively to spread awareness and wisdom and thereby reduce suffering for all beings.

The Psychology of Peace

Forging a Path to Peace with Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy

Every generation finds reasons to launch atrocities and wars. For these reasons, the idea that we can coexist peacefully seems for many, like an idealistic, overly optimistic dream, rather than anything founded in reality. This book explores the proposal that humanity may be ready for a crucial shift in this paradigm, by offering ideas and tools that have been applied on an individual basis to produce inner peace in some Buddhist cultures for centuries.

ISBN 13: 978-1540415448

278 Pages

Softcover: $17.99


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‘Greeting The Light Within’
A Simple Introduction to the Philosophy of Buddhism for Young and Old

We are all here to understand the choices we make and we cannot make GOOD choices until we know what we are doing and WHY we are doing it.”-Michael Jaquish

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? Every single person ponders this question at some point in time. There are a multitude of responses to this question and this book offers one answer for young people that is founded on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as The Buddha. or, ‘The Awakened One’.

Most agree that Buddhism is not a religion, but rather, a philosophy or path useful for gaining clarity and purpose over an otherwise chaotic existence. If you have never heard of The Buddha before you may be surprised at some of what you find within the pages of this book. If you have heard of Buddhism but just never knew for sure what it is all about, then you will find the answers to your questions here.

Life is a journey of discovery. Our reality… the way we see the world around us… is constantly evolving and changing all the time as we grow and evolve from childhood through our teen years and into adulthood and finally, old age. What do you think of this journey? Are you excited? Are you frightened? Have you figured out what you want to do for a living when you grow up? Do you even know who you are or what kind of person you want to be?

These are all very important questions and they cannot be answered properly without the right information. This book attempts to give you some of those answers and to get you pointed in the right direction.

ISBN 1453607455

170 Pages

Softcover: $14.95


Hardcover: $26.95


Amazon Kindle Edition: $6.99


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What do you say when your child asks you, “where do we come from?” Most Americans tend to respond with the Biblical story of creation but the exponential advancement of knowledge in geology, genetics and our universe has carried us to a point where the Biblical response no longer connects with facts that are being taught in school. Religion is a part of our history and it continues to play an enormous role in American culture, but truth is important and there is a big difference between belief and knowledge.

‘Truth’ is what this book is all about. Although it touches briefly on speculation about the existence of the soul and how some cultures deal with this issue, the primary intent is to provide facts based upon what we know about our universe rather than what we believe. If you are one who feels uncomfortable with a discussion about evolution and the big bang that created our universe 14 billion years ago, this book may not be for you. If however, you are one who values facts based on proof and evidence over mythology based on faith and speculation; if you believe that your children deserve to know and understand those facts in order to participate fully in the twenty-first century, then you are likely to embrace the information in this book with relief and wonder why it took so long for someone to address this strangely controversial topic in such a straight-forward manner.

ISBN 1453616925

104 Pages

Softcover Edition: $14.95


Hardcover Edition: $19.95


Amazon Kindle Edition: $6.95



Bringing peace to the world. Please make a donation today.


img-09 Monk Without Monastery


What is the true nature of the human condition? What is truth? Does life really all come down to suffering? Are we really powerless to alter our own destiny, let alone the destiny of the human species? For certain, suffering is a big, important part of the picture but the vast diversity and magnitude of challenges faced by humanity over history and today all point to something more than that. Many great mystics and teachers such Siddhartha Gautama, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Merton, Aristotle, Saint Francis of Assisi, Paramahansa Yogananda and others have been led to follow a contemplative path that has allowed them to find peace and leave pointers for those who wish to follow in their steps. Self-awareness and the search for spiritual growth has opened the eyes of countless such searchers to an astonishingly beautiful and purposeful universe intimately connected to the very essence of our immortal spiritual being that reveals that the true purpose to life is the expansion of our awareness of our self, the universe and the connection that we share with all beings. This book provides the tools to tackle that mission.

ISBN 145287769

412 Pages

Softcover Edition: $17.95


Hardcover Edition: $26.95


Amazon Kindle Edition: $6.99


READER REVIEW (Posted on Amazon)

The Journey of Discovery: of a Nurturer of Independent Thought.
By Maggie Philip on July 8, 2010

The author of `A Monk Without A Monastery’ offers his personal quest, one of experience and study, as a refreshing facilitation; a nudge if you like, to assist his readers’ own exploration of the important questions common to everyone. That is achieved by applying the most valuable of all freedoms, `Independent Thought.’

By rigorous and confident examination, he demonstrates that faith based on truth can never be shaken. He does this by pointing out that the `oneness of truth’ can be found at the heart of all faiths and is gloriously simple. To be a seeker is to ever expand awareness until fully aware that truth continually offers itself to you and comes from many and often diverse sources. That is the search that separates truth from stultifying indoctrination.

This book ably presents Buddhist philosophy, not so much as a religious tool but as being a natural humanistic process; one which sheds light on how well balanced individuals, regardless of background, can enhance their own journey through life by consciously choosing to pursue such a well balanced inquiry.

The author wisely teaches that to accept, if not embrace suffering, is to begin to understand it and, as a result, celebrate where your path may lead. That, he tells us, is indeed the, `ultimate purpose of human existence.’

-Maggie Winton Philip


img-10 Awareness Challenged


What practical impact does the philosophy of Buddhism have for those engaged with modern culture? This book offers a collection of essays by a contemplative American Buddhist that provides comments and observations on a variety of contemporary issues intended to show how the Buddhist perspective can be used to engage a wide variety of issues realistically with awareness, mindfulness and compassion.

[The author is a practitioner of the Mahayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism following the path of the Bodhisattva.]

ISBN 1453723101

364 Pages

Softcover Edition: $16.95


Hardcover Edition: $25.95


Amazon Kindle Edition: $6.95


img-11 Life Well Traveled


Orpha Jaquish-Thomas was a student of Paramahansa Yogananda and the personal mentor and guru of Michael Jaquish as he was growing up. She often employed the Socratic method to expose Michael to deep philosophical questions from an early age and believed it was a parent’s duty to teach children HOW to think, not WHAT to think. Orpha was also a poet and a journalist for most of her life. Compiled and edited by Michael following her death, A LIFE WELL TRAVELED traces her life-journey through this wonderful collection of previously published poetry and prose. It is a life bursting with sensitivity, compassion and spirituality. Hers was indeed, ‘a life well traveled’ and she leaves us with a legacy to contemplate that reveals we are not alone in our struggles with life or in the appreciation of the beauty in life. The book also contains a selection of some of the poetry of Michael Jaquish.

ISBN: 1453857311

284 Pages

Softcover Edition: $16.95


Hardcover Edition: $26.95


Kindle Edition: $6.99


img-12 Divinity of Jesus


Over one billion followers of ‘The God of Abraham’ deny that Jesus was divine. They consider Him a prophet of God, but not God Himself. Some call themselves Jews and they belong to the same religion that Jesus told his disciples to honor. Others call themselves Muslims and they follow the teachings of Mohammed (a descendant of Abraham), whom they consider to be the last and final prophet of God. Since the Islamic terror attacks on America on 09/11/2001 many in the  Christian and secular world have struggled to understand what could possibly be driving Muslims (who claim to follow the same God as Christians and Jews) to kill Christians and Jews in the name of the God they share.

Like it or not, Christianity and the secular world is under attack by radical Islam. This is an enormous international security issue and a threat to the fundamental principles that form the freedoms of Western society. Christians cannot afford to ignore this threat. They need to understand the perspective of Muslims if they desire to win this conflict. This book is not designed to convert anyone to Islam; it is simply a presentation of the reasoning Muslims (and other non-Christians) use when they interpret the very same passages in the Bible that Christians use to support their belief that Jesus is divine. If you are interested in understanding why and how those non-believers reach their conclusions, this book will assist you in your efforts.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not the intention of the author to display any disrespect for Islam, Judaism or Christian belief, or to deceive the reader about the contents of The Bible. For many, Christianity is an honorable and spiritual faith that has withstood the scrutiny of scholars for nearly two thousand years. There have, however, always been deep fundamental questions about the Bible from a historical critical perspective that deserve to be pondered. The goal of this book is to expand awareness and stimulate discussion and thought by offering one perspective of the Christian faith held by over one billion Muslims and Jews.

ISBN-13: 978-1466345096

207 Pages

Softcover Edition: $14.95


Hardcover Edition: $21.95


Amazon Kindle Edition: $6.95




Abou Ben Adhem


Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)

Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,

And saw, within the moonlight of his room,

Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,

An angel writing in a book of gold.

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,

And to the presence in the room he said,

‘What writest thou?’

The vision raised its head,

And with a look made of all sweet accord,

Answered, ‘The names of those who love the Lord.’

‘And is mine one?’ said Abou. ‘Nay, not so,’

Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,

But cheerily still; and said, ‘I pray thee then,

Write me as one that loves his fellow-men.’

The angel wrote, and vanished.

The next night it came again with a great wakening light,

And showed the names who love of God had blessed,

And lo! Ben Adhem’s name led all the rest.


– James Henry Leigh Hunt

(1784 – 1859)

Red Tree & Monk - Version 2

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